Quebec Grown?...Finaly!

Our farming method revolves around our sincere belief in eco-friendly practices and responsible purchasing. Our VÔG bell pepper greenhouses are the perfect example of a Quebec company committed to traceability, employee well-being and "eating local." Not to mention, all of our produce is Aliments du Québec® certified.

Some 3 milion peppers

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Get to know your Quebec peppers! VÔG's 2.4 hectares of land is the only one of its kind in Quebec, producing a little over 500 tons of peppers annually. Our concept—make produce in greenhouses, here and now—stands alone, because until recently, it was practically nonexistent.

Our local distribution route often makes the retailer “the only” stop between the greenhouses, where our various peppers are grown, and the consumer. The VÔG peppers you find at your grocery store might have even been picked that same day. This freshness guarantees a perfect pepper—one with exceptional taste and maximum nutrition!

A little bit of Vôg culture...!