For those who find ''the best'' suits them well

Quebec agricultural development must be carried out by passionate visionaries. From this distinguished category, VÔG knows how to affirm their position as a leader, and value and spread their expertise.

But beyond those pretentious titles, VÔG peppers are associated with the following principles:

1. Socially responsible agriculture

Grow better and more sensibily

Since we live in an age dependent on energy efficiency and understanding environmental impacts, this principle is the core of our vision and production process.

Our thinking was based on selecting farming methods and energy sources, using the most appropriate and innovative technologies, and choosing the most effective equipment and procedures. To us, "sustainable development" is not just a simple solution or strategic positioningit is a principle!

Not adhering to this philosophy is refusing to live in the present.

2. Traceability and safety

From the greenhouse to your plate!

From the greenhouse to your plate, we ensure our production process's quality control and food safety. An exceptional inspection on all fronts is performed at each step along the way.

Thanks to a rigorous traceability system and the strict certification criteria we fulfill, there is complete transparency with regards to all of the raw materials and equipment we use when farming and handling VÔG papers. We also ensure our peppers are transported and distributed under the best possible conditions, to attain the quality you expect.

 If we practice eco-friendly farming (limiting the use of chemicals) not only for our consumers’ well-being, but also, and above all, for the health of our valued employees, the principles we defend—our commitment to quality and the environment—would only be fulfilled by the sincere contribution of our entire staff.

VÔG's greenhouses offer an ideal work environment for all of our employees, from planting to harvesting, and handling the produce to shipping it, because we know passion cannot exist without health and safety!

4. Research and innovation

One team, one vision, one goal!

In Quebec, with the exception of VÔG, greenhouse pepper farming is virtually nonexistent, since not everyone has the know-how or ability to do it.  All the same, this colorful, healthy and versatile fruit remains noble and capricious!

Each stage of production requires a high level of observation, perceptiveness and expertise.Roots, leaves, flowers and fruits involve many steps where temperatures, examination and tasks differ. That’s why VÔG's team never hesitates to be creative and responsible when it comes to ensuring the highest-quality peppers!