Founded in 1984 by Sylvain Lefort, the first, then second, then third, and then fourth greenhouse grew out of a desire during that period to meet the local request for quality vegetable transplants.

Today, Lefort symbolizes success and passion by combining vision and expertise. This is how, in addition to being the leader in greenhouse pepper farming, VÔG also leads the way for vegetable transplants and organic farming.

The company has over 300 greenhouses today and plans on seeing this number climb to 500. Surrounded by a family of about 100 employees, the great minds at Les Serres Lefort give it their all when it comes to working conditions and innovations in production.

Les Serres Lefort grows nearly 70% of Quebec transplants for outdoors farmers. What's more, under contract, they produce a large part of the greenhouse lettuce sold under the brand name Mirabel.